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The teams sponsored by BBB set their goals at a different level but pursue their perfect ride with the same passion as all cyclists. Most important is that during these moments your equipment is working smoothly. Since day one BBB has been dedicated to bring you value-for-money parts and accessories that help you enjoy the ride without having to worry about your equipment.

BBB, established by two Dutch ex-racers, receive important feedback from the people who use their products and they use this information to improve products. Not only because they want to know what their products are like in the field, but because riding a bike is their passion too. All this experience helps BBB to build Bike parts for Bikers by Bikers (B.B.B.). Today BBB is distributed worldwide in 36 countries and from all over the world they receive feedback telling them they are moving in the right direction. Enjoy and have a perfect ride with BBB!

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