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Adventure Biking Part 1

Adventure Biking part 1: An introduction to adventure bikes [caption id=attachment_2451 align=aligncenter width=750] A fully

From US Postal Team to Head of Product – Meet Jamie Burrow

We got pretty excited when we saw that  Geraint Thomas started his cycling career on a Ribble. We’ve had a few champs ride a Ribble, Chris Boardman, Bradley Wiggins, Geraint Thomas… what we didn’t know is that our very own ex-US Postal Team Pro turned Head of Product Jamie Burrow also started his journey on a Ribble. From family hand-me-downs to pro-team handouts, we sit down with Jamie to find out a bit more about his cycling history.

He’s a man with a million stories to tell, but Jamie tells us we’ll have to wait for the book on that one!! Continue reading

Joe Skipper on his Ironman Bolton win

Joe Skipper is fresh off the back of a 1st place in the 2018 Ironman 2018 Event with a finish time of 7:55:34 and we’ve done a Q&A with the man himself.

He gives his thoughts on the event and also the Ultra Tri bike he was riding

Training pre-race – how did it go, were you confident?


My training pre race was ok, I had raced an Ironman 2 weeks previously so I never felt amazing but in the sessions where I did up the pace a bit I was pleased with the effort for the power/speed I was holding going into the race.


Pre-race prep routine – Whats your typical training day / rest day routine?


Pre race I don’t really have a specific plan, I’ll just keep myself ticking over and listen to my body.

A typical training day is pretty varied but genuinely I would swim first and then either bike or run later in the day. I might do all 3 sports or just two depending on the on the intensity.

Rest day routine is genuinely an easy swim and or bike/run. I have two easy days a week – Monday and Friday. I don’t tend to have days off but do have two easy days every week.


Reflection on the race – What went well? Any room for improvements?


I didn’t feel like I had that good a swim. I think I was lacking a bit in swim fitness. It was a non-wetsuit swim and I think practicing some swims like that in preparation for Kona would be beneficial. My bike was ok but I think I could push it harder and will definitely look to push it a bit more in Hamburg. I was pleased with my run as I felt strong throughout.


How did the bike perform?


The bike performed really well, it was comfy and I felt like I was holding good speed for the power on the flat parts of the course. For the race it was set up with syncro-shift which pre-determines which chain ring you’re on depending on rear gear selection – I’ll need to switch this up for hillier races, switching syncro-shift off so I have independent control of the front derailleur.


What’s next?


Ironman Hamburg in 2 weeks time.